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Prince of Scots Highland Tartan Tweed Discount is also underway Wool Ranking TOP16 100% Merino Throw An

Prince of Scots Highland Tartan Tweed 100% Merino Wool Throw (An


Prince of Scots Highland Tartan Tweed 100% Merino Wool Throw (An

Product Description

Prince of Scots Presents a collection of Merino Wool Blankets destined to become a family favorite. Classic Tartans colors are versatile to adapt to any room’s decor. The Natural Wool Fibers go beyond comfort and offer environment benefits to the home.

  • PRINCE OF SCOTS IS THE AUTHORITY ON AUTHENTIC TARTAN. Our Tartan throws can be used in the Home, Beach, Picnic, Camping or the Car.
  • WOVEN IN THE BRITISH AISLES Imported from England. Throw measures 54 Inches X 72 Inches which measurements included 3 inches of fringe on each end.
  • THE WORLDS FINEST WOOL Soft and Luxurious 100% Australian Merino Wool. Woolmark Certified as the Best Quality Wool in the World. Nothing recycled from factory floor, only first quality wool.
  • PERFECT THROW to add color to any room. Snuggle up with a good book, cozy up around the campfire, or use as an extra layer on your bed.
  • HEIRLOOM QUALITY A Premium Product destined to become a family heirloom. Destined to become your favorite Blanket

The Tartan Authority

Prince of Scots is The Tartan Authority

Prince of Scots is the Tartan Authority

Prince of Scots offers luxury wool fabrics which are manufactured and produced in the British Isles. Only fibers which are first quality wool featuring a proud British manufacturing amp; design heritage receive the Prince of Scots approval.

Prince of Scots Highland Tartan Tweed 100% Merino Wool Throw (An

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