/masterwort1922449.html,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Stripping,Replacement,1mm,Tweezers,Blade,15,Knipex,$26,for,estethik.media,19,010 /masterwort1922449.html,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Stripping,Replacement,1mm,Tweezers,Blade,15,Knipex,$26,for,estethik.media,19,010 Knipex 15 19 Super special price 010 Replacement Stripping Tweezers Blade for 1mm $26 Knipex 15 19 010 Replacement Blade for Stripping Tweezers 1mm Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Knipex 15 19 Super special price 010 Replacement Stripping Tweezers Blade for 1mm $26 Knipex 15 19 010 Replacement Blade for Stripping Tweezers 1mm Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools

Knipex 15 19 Super special price cheap 010 Replacement Stripping Tweezers Blade for 1mm

Knipex 15 19 010 Replacement Blade for Stripping Tweezers 1mm


Knipex 15 19 010 Replacement Blade for Stripping Tweezers 1mm

Product description

There are 130 years of experience in each Knipex pliers as well as the know-how of many specialists. The quality of our pliers lies in the SUM of many functions and properties which are ideally coordinated with each other. Designed and manufactured with a high degree of reliability and subjected to rigorous tests. We are an independent, traditional family business, concentrating on the development and manufacture of quality pliers and associated tools. As a think tank in our product segment, we make work more effective, easier and safer. We maintain good, longstanding relations to our customers and business partners on the basis of a high degree of efficiency and reliability. As a manufacturer with a well-known and highly regarded brand, we have high quality standards that extend to all products and everything we do. We want to consistently do justice to the trust in us and in our brand, and to constantly renew this trust.

Knipex 15 19 010 Replacement Blade for Stripping Tweezers 1mm

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