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HQ ISSUE Cheap super special price Large Double Free Shipping Cheap Bargain Gift Case Gun Carry

HQ ISSUE Large Double Carry Gun Case


HQ ISSUE Large Double Carry Gun Case

Product description

Superior protection with wheeled convenience. - This HQ ISSUE Carry Case is a great way to store and transport guns. The pre-cut foam padding interior secures the guns nicely and it's lockable for extra security. No serious shooter should be without one of these Cases. Pre-cut foam padding secures your guns; Box is O-ring-sealed for water resistance; Molded-in ridges make stacking easy; Wheeled case for easy transport; Manual valve balances interior pressure, keeps water out; 2 tabs lock; Exterior dimensions: 52" x 13" x 6"h.; Interior dimensions: 51" x 12" x 5"h.; Weight: 22 lbs.

HQ ISSUE Large Double Carry Gun Case

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