Inspirational Religious Party Supplies free shipping and Decorations for Gu 18 Home Kitchen , Event Party Supplies,Party,,and,Gu,for,/diblastula1730157.html,Decorations,$25,Supplies,18,Inspirational,Religious Home Kitchen , Event Party Supplies,Party,,and,Gu,for,/diblastula1730157.html,Decorations,$25,Supplies,18,Inspirational,Religious $25 Inspirational Religious Party Supplies and Decorations for 18 Gu Home Kitchen Event Party Supplies $25 Inspirational Religious Party Supplies and Decorations for 18 Gu Home Kitchen Event Party Supplies Inspirational Religious Party Supplies free shipping and Decorations for Gu 18

Inspirational Religious Party Supplies free shipping and Decorations for Gu Al sold out. 18

Inspirational Religious Party Supplies and Decorations for 18 Gu


Inspirational Religious Party Supplies and Decorations for 18 Gu

Product description

Inspirational religious party supplies and decorations for first communion includes dinner plates, dessert plates, and lunch napkins, hanging swirls, and table cover. (18) 10-1/2 inch Lunch or Dinner Paper Plates; (18) 7 inch Appetizer or Dessert Paper Plates. (36) Large Luncheon Size Napkins, (1) Paper Table Cover 54 inches x 108 inches, (12) Hanging Swirl Decorations; 6 plain pink foil swirls, 3 pink foil cross danglers and 3 cardstock cross danglers. 22in to 36in long.

Inspirational Religious Party Supplies and Decorations for 18 Gu

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