for,Gonorr,Test,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,14,Box,Chlamydia,/connarite1922321.html,at,myLAB,STD,Women,$258,Home,Panel, Popular standard myLAB Box STD at Home 14 Test for Gonorr Panel Chlamydia Women Popular standard myLAB Box STD at Home 14 Test for Gonorr Panel Chlamydia Women $258 myLAB Box STD at Home 14 Panel Test for Women Chlamydia Gonorr Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment for,Gonorr,Test,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,14,Box,Chlamydia,/connarite1922321.html,at,myLAB,STD,Women,$258,Home,Panel, $258 myLAB Box STD at Home 14 Panel Test for Women Chlamydia Gonorr Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment

Popular standard myLAB Box STD at Home 14 Test for Gonorr Panel Chlamydia Women Financial sales sale

myLAB Box STD at Home 14 Panel Test for Women Chlamydia Gonorr


myLAB Box STD at Home 14 Panel Test for Women Chlamydia Gonorr

Product description

Style:Women 14

myLAB Box’s 14-Panel for Women tests for the most common STDs: - CHLAMYDIA (genital, throat, + rectal) - GONORRHEA (genital, throat, + rectal) - HEPATITIS C (Hep C) - HIV (I amp; II) - HERPES SIMPLEX 2 - SYPHILIS - TRICHOMONIASIS (Trich) - MYCOPLASMA GENITALIUM. Your test kit will ship within 24 hours of purchase and provides the same accuracy of testing you would receive in a doctor’s office. Your myLAB Box includes: a vaginal swab kit for women, a blood drop collection kit (finger prick), easy to follow instructions, and a postage paid return box to mail in your samples. Register and login to our system to easily review results online with myLAB Box’s secure and private HIPAA-compliant testing and reporting. If you should happen to test positive and would like professional guidance, myLAB Box can connect you to real physicians in your state free of charge for phone consultations. With quick, in home STD testing and accurate results, you can take charge of your sexual health with myLAB Box. Get tested. Know your status. Reduce your risk.

myLAB Box STD at Home 14 Panel Test for Women Chlamydia Gonorr

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