$87 LA Salt Co.'s 100% Pure and Natural Dead Sea Salt Bulk 55 lb bag Beauty Personal Care Personal Care 55,Pure,Salt,Bulk,$87,bag,lb,Salt,estethik.media,Sea,Co.'s,100%,Beauty Personal Care , Personal Care,and,Natural,/cankerbird1922170.html,Dead,LA $87 LA Salt Co.'s 100% Pure and Natural Dead Sea Salt Bulk 55 lb bag Beauty Personal Care Personal Care 55,Pure,Salt,Bulk,$87,bag,lb,Salt,estethik.media,Sea,Co.'s,100%,Beauty Personal Care , Personal Care,and,Natural,/cankerbird1922170.html,Dead,LA Topics on TV LA Salt Co.'s 100% Pure and Natural Bulk Dead Sea bag lb 55 Topics on TV LA Salt Co.'s 100% Pure and Natural Bulk Dead Sea bag lb 55

Topics on TV LA Salt Co.'s 100% Pure and Natural Bulk Dead Sea bag lb Ranking TOP17 55

LA Salt Co.'s 100% Pure and Natural Dead Sea Salt Bulk 55 lb bag


LA Salt Co.'s 100% Pure and Natural Dead Sea Salt Bulk 55 lb bag

Product description

Over 15 million years ago, the forces of nature came together to form a healing oasis: the Dead Sea. Nestled between Jordan, Israel, and Palestine, the mineral-rich water of the Dead Sea rests over 1400 ft below sea level. Packed full of vital minerals like magnesium, potassium, calcium, and sulfates, every grain of dead sea salt is imbued with cleansing, moisturizing, age-defying powers. The minerals found in Dead Sea Salt are found to: -Possess potent hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties -Cleanse skin, reducing the frequency and severity of breakouts -Exfoliate the skin, reducing roughness and dry patches -Minimize fine lines and wrinkles, restoring skin’s youthful appearance -Heal chronic skin conditions like psoriasis and atopic dermatitis when applied regularly -Soothe muscle aches and pains

LA Salt Co.'s 100% Pure and Natural Dead Sea Salt Bulk 55 lb bag

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