$186 Baysitone Accent Chair with Ottoman,360 Degree Swivel Velvet Acc Home Kitchen Furniture $186 Baysitone Accent Chair with Ottoman,360 Degree Swivel Velvet Acc Home Kitchen Furniture Baysitone Accent Chair with Ottoman Velvet Acc Swivel Degree 360 Popular product Baysitone Accent Chair with Ottoman Velvet Acc Swivel Degree 360 Popular product Velvet,with,Acc,Home Kitchen , Furniture,$186,estethik.media,Baysitone,Degree,Chair,Ottoman,360,Accent,/aircraftwoman1922317.html,Swivel Velvet,with,Acc,Home Kitchen , Furniture,$186,estethik.media,Baysitone,Degree,Chair,Ottoman,360,Accent,/aircraftwoman1922317.html,Swivel

Baysitone Accent Chair with Ottoman Velvet Acc Swivel Degree 360 Popular Max 42% OFF product

Baysitone Accent Chair with Ottoman,360 Degree Swivel Velvet Acc


Baysitone Accent Chair with Ottoman,360 Degree Swivel Velvet Acc

Product Description

chaise lounge living room lounge chair

Upholstery Material: Velvet Weight Capacity: 250 Pounds Frame Material: Metal Leg Material: Metal Swivel: Yes Seat Construction: MDF Toss Pillows Included: No Product Care: Spot wipes clean with a soft,dry cloth Number of Chairs Included: 1

Manual Recliner Chair Manual Recliner Chair Manual Recliner Chair
Color Red Brown Brown Brown
Surface Material Air Leather Air Leather Velvet Fabric
Recline Angle 140 140 140
Operation Method Manual Manual Manual
Max Capacity Weight 300 lbs 300 lbs 300 lbs

Baysitone Accent Chair with Ottoman,360 Degree Swivel Velvet Acc

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