/Arecales1506296.html,Okuma,estethik.media,(Medium),$120,Round,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Reel,Isis,Baitcast $120 Okuma Isis Round Baitcast Reel (Medium) Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness /Arecales1506296.html,Okuma,estethik.media,(Medium),$120,Round,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Reel,Isis,Baitcast $120 Okuma Isis Round Baitcast Reel (Medium) Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Okuma Isis Round Reel Milwaukee Mall Baitcast Medium Okuma Isis Round Reel Milwaukee Mall Baitcast Medium

Okuma Isis Round Reel Finally resale start Milwaukee Mall Baitcast Medium

Okuma Isis Round Baitcast Reel (Medium)


Okuma Isis Round Baitcast Reel (Medium)

Product description

Okuma's Isis IS-250 right handed crank is built for situations where finesse is rewarded and there are those where brute force gets the job done. Consider Isis baitcast reels your partner in the latter. Rigid aluminum frame, spool, side plates, drag star and handle arm are the conduit for a power play. On the interior, precision brass gears, multi-disc Carbonite drag and five bearing drive are the delivery system. Optimized for braided line with continuously engaged levelwind on all models for even line flow, bring the Isis baitcast reel to life through comfortable, oversized and non-slip handles. for big baits in the musky and catfish markets, Isis comes equipped with an adjustable 6-pin Velocity Control System for fluid casting. Stunning good looks aside, Isis is for fisheries where success comes from taking charge of the battle.

Okuma Isis Round Baitcast Reel (Medium)

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